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BLAZE Belong Leader's Guide DIGITAL E-BOOK

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BLAZE Belong Leader's Guide DIGITAL E-BOOK

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The BLAZE Belong Leader's Guide is a 20-lesson course designed specifically for tween/teen girls. These years can be tricky to navigate. With this book, women will be equipped to lead girls to unlock their spiritual potential through a deeper relationship with Christ.

Through BLAZE Belong, girls will receive practical teaching to help them navigate social media, identity issues, and the drama of friendships. Each lesson compares the lies of this world with the truth found in Scripture. Emotional health and spiritual resiliency will result.

To lead the BLAZE Belong 20-lesson course, you will need this Leader’s Guide and a BLAZE Belong Kit for each girl.

Our other 20-lesson course for girls is called BLAZE Masterpiece. There is no order to the two courses, so if you’re new to BLAZE, you can start with either Belong or Masterpiece. Both work well in a school or parish setting. You can also use BLAZE Belong one-on-one with your precious girl.

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