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BLAZE Belong kit, prayer journal, truth vs. lie card

BLAZE Belong Kit - Single Kit

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BLAZE Belong Kit - Single Kit

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The BLAZE Belong Kit is used in conjunction with the BLAZE Belong Leader’s Guide. It contains all of the supplies that you need to lead the 20-lesson BLAZE Belong program. This includes lesson-based takeaway gifts, Belong truth vs. lie cards, supplies for icebreaker activities, packaging supplies, and a BLAZE Belong prayer journal. 

One kit is needed per girl, and kits should be shipped to the BLAZE leader, who assembles and hands out the kit components over the course of the 20 lessons. 

Kit Contents

The BLAZE Belong Kit contains the following takeaway gifts:

  1. BLAZE mini-bag with Bible highlighter and gel pen
  2. Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen quote watercolor print
  3. BLAZE Belong Truth v. Lies Cards in a case
  4. Bangle bracelet with crown charm
  5. St. Teresa of Calcutta image watercolor print and picture frame
  6. Squeeze toy police car
  7. BLAZE Belong Prayer Journal
  8. Drawstring backpack with G.K. Chesterton quote
  9. Lip balm
  10. Valentine card with Max Lucado quote and envelope
  11. Stop the drama magnet
  12. Love never fails pink bracelet
  13. Sour Patch candy
  14. Pink earbuds
  15. #Practice what you post charm
  16. Compass
  17. Come Clean by Life Teen
  18. Forget-me-not seed packet
  19. St. Teresa of Calcutta sticker
  20. BLAZE enamel pin
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