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Rooted and Radiant Bible Study DIGITAL E-BOOK

Rooted and Radiant Bible Study DIGITAL E-BOOK

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Rooted and Radiant Bible Study DIGITAL E-BOOK

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Rooted and Radiant was written for any woman who wants to live her life grounded in Jesus Christ. In this Bible study, we learn the book of Colossians verse by verse as we seek to understand the challenges that faced the Colossians, recognizing that they are remarkably similar to our own challenges today.

Through this Bible study, we dive deep into understanding who Jesus is and what that means for us. We learn how to abide in the wisdom of Christ to navigate the ever-increasing demands and messages of our culture, and what it means to live in the freedom of Christ and how to continually set our minds on Him.

Rooted and Radiant is ideal if you want to...

  • Know Jesus as He is
  • Know how to stay faithful in the middle of a culture that is constantly telling you that Christ is not enough
  • Know how to sift through the modern messages that are being thrown at you
  • Be able to compare the glamour of the world to the infinite value of “being in Christ”

In a world increasingly plagued with confusion and chaos, you are invited to encounter the God of clarity and peace. Let Christ reveal Himself to you as He truly is and transform you into the woman that our world so desperately needs.

    A series of talks accompanies this six-lesson Bible study. Click the Connect Coffee Talks tab to choose how to access these talks.

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    Leader's Guide

    Click here to download the free Leader's Guide.

    Connect Coffee Talks

    A series of Connect Coffee Talks accompany this Bible study. Choose how to watch or listen to these talks:

    Scripture Printables

    Beautiful art to grace your home, or just about anywhere! Print out and display this gorgeous Scripture memory verse somewhere in your house. Click the image below to download beautiful, free Scripture printables.


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