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Fearless and Free DVD

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Fearless and Free DVD

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The Fearless and Free DVD features six Connect Coffee Talks by WWP Founder and Chief Purpose Officer Lisa Brenninkmeyer.

Disc 1

Talk 1: Freedom (30:55)

Talk 2: Chosen (38:18)

Talk 3: Grounded (29:35)

Disc 2

Talk 4: Mature (30:28)

Talk 5: Passionate (29:22)

Talk 6: Brave (31:06)

The Connect Coffee Talks are an essential part of Fearless and Free and are required in order to complete the Bible study.

Through the Fearless and Free Bible study, you’ll learn how just the right Scriptures can WAKEN you to the reality of who you are in Christ and the enemy who seeks to steal your true identity. You’ll be coached as you WRESTLE with the battle in your mind, and finally, be strengthened as a WARRIOR to reclaim your footing and move forward in life. This is not about surviving; it’s about flourishing in Christ’s love. 

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