Fearless and Free DVD

Fearless and Free DVD

  • $ 30.00

Do you long for healing and wholeness?

Would you like to be grounded in a love that will never fail?

Fearless and Free is for any woman confronting the reality that life isn’t easy. When suffering slams into you and leaves you reeling, or you feel great one day, and down on the mat the next, turn to this Scripture study.

Disc 1

Talk 1:  Freedom (30:55)

Talk 2:  Chosen (38:18)

Talk 3:  Grounded (29:35)

Disc 2

Talk 4:  Mature (30:28)

Talk 5:  Passionate (29:22)

Talk 6:  Brave (31:06)

In these six compassionate lessons, you’ll learn how just the right Scriptures can WAKEN you to the reality of who you are in Christ, and the enemy who seeks to steal your true identity. You’ll be coached as you WRESTLE with the battle in your mind and, finally, be strengthened as a WARRIOR to reclaim your footing and move forward in life. This is not about surviving; it’s about flourishing in Christ’s love.

You’ll have new appreciation for the book of Ephesians, and be grateful for the support and grace it imparts from the One who loves you completely and without end.


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