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Discovering Our Dignity Bible Study DIGITAL E-BOOK on e-readers
Discovering Our Dignity Bible Study DIGITAL E-BOOK

Discovering Our Dignity Bible Study DIGITAL E-BOOK

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Discovering Our Dignity Bible Study DIGITAL E-BOOK

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Women of the Old and New Testaments were as flawed and broken as we can be, yet the power of God worked in their lives. Discovering Our Dignity will allow you to learn from their experiences and uncover ways to deal with unwanted circumstances and deferred hopes.

Through their stories recorded in Scripture, women of the Bible reach out to touch our “present” in a tender, honest, and loving way—woman to woman—with ancient wisdom, sage advice, and insights from sorrowful failures and emotional wounds.

Learn how God worked in the lives of Biblical women:

  • Sisters Leah and Rachel overcame jealousy when they learned that God offered all that they really needed.
  • Abigail’s faith was so strong she didn’t despair, no matter how unpleasant life was with her husband.
  • Deborah had been given grace by God to act as His prophet, for the good of her people.
  • Mary’s “yes” to God—her fiat—changed everything. How else did her words and deeds influence Jesus, and vice versa?

A series of talks accompanies this 22-lesson Bible study. Click the Connect Coffee Talks tab to choose how to access these talks.


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    Leader's Guide

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    Connect Coffee Talks

    A series of Connect Coffee Talks accompany this Bible study. Choose how to watch or listen to these talks:

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