Living in the Father's Love DVD

Living in the Father's Love DVD

  • $ 25.00

Living in the Father's Love DVD features two Connect Coffee Talks by Walking with Purpose founder and co-chair Lisa Brenninkmeyer. There is only one DVD for this course.

1. The Beauty of a Childlike Faith               30:00

2. Loving Like Him through Forgiveness    36:09

This DVD is an essential part of the Living in the Father's Love course curriculum and should be used according to the instructions found in the Living in the Father's Love study guide.

Living in the Father’s Love, a six-lesson course, is a brief but powerful study meant to revive and refresh us as we discover just how much God loves us! In this study, we learn how the Gospels are deeply relevant to our relationships, both with God and with those we love. This DVD includes the opening and closing talks for the study. Living in the Father’s Love is perfect for the season of Advent or Lent, as a summer study, or as an introduction to the twenty-two session Walking with Purpose courses.

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