Harmony: Keeping In Balance Young Adult Series - Part I DIGITAL E-BOOK

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Harmony: Keeping In Balance Young Adult Series - Part I DIGITAL E-BOOK

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Harmony: Keeping in Balance Young Adult Series, Part I is a five-lesson Bible study that helps you get a grip on your life by looking at the importance of authenticity, setting priorities, managing expectations, and having healthy relationships. You will also explore finding a balance between mediocrity and perfectionism so that you can become the woman God created you to be without stressing or striving. 

Within Harmony, you will receive the following:

  • Five lessons based on Scripture readings
  • Reflections and intentional prayer time
  • Saint stories
  • Space to set personal resolutions and goals
  • Illustrated Bible verse for personal memorization
  • Space for weekly prayer intentions

Harmony: Keeping in Balance Young Adult Series, Part I can be used to personally build your knowledge of Scripture meditation and prayer, or you can gather your tribe and begin the journey to deeper friendships and fruitful truths.

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Table of Contents

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