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Reclaiming Friendship DVD

Reclaiming Friendship DVD

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The Reclaiming Friendship DVD features six talks by WWP content creator Mallory Smyth.

Talk 1 - True Friendship and Its Fruit (23:27)

Talk 2 - What is Friendship? (10:13)

Talk 3 - The Barriers to Friendship (10:06)

Talk 4 - Moving Past the Pain (7:34)

Talk 5 - Becoming a Great Friend (14:50)

Talk 6 - Friendship and the Kingdom of God (16:19)

The talks are an essential part of Reclaiming Friendship and are required in order to complete the Bible study.

Reclaiming Friendship was written for any woman who wants a true and deep connection that lasts. In this study, you explore what it takes to stay close for the long haul, what to look for in a friend, and how to navigate toxic relationships. There is a way to protect your heart without closing yourself off from future intimacy. The key is found in discovering God’s plan for friendship, which was meant to be a foretaste of heaven.

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