Bulk Orders

Due to shipping carriers' weight restrictions, we are unable to process orders that weigh more than 150 lbs. for US domestic orders and 15 lbs. for international orders. 

Here's a chart with the maximum number of each study guide you may purchase in one order:

                                               US (150 lbs.)                      International (15 lbs.)                

Opening Your Heart               110 study guides               11 study guides

Keeping in Balance                110 study guides               11 study guides 

Touching the Divine                95  study guides               9 study guides

Living in the Father's Love     320 study guides               32 study guides

Discovering Our Dignity          95 study guides                  9 study guides

Beholding His Glory               320 study guides               32 study guides

Beholding Your King              320 study guides               32 study guides

If your order contains large quantities of multiple items or exceeds the quantities listed above, please split your order into multiple orders.