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    Walking with Purpose offers two BLAZE Core programs: BLAZE Masterpiece and BLAZE Belong. There is no order to the two BLAZE Core programs, and you can begin with either.

    BLAZE Core includes a Leader's Guide and BLAZE Kit. (Masterpiece Kits go with the Masterpiece Leader's Guide, and Belong Kits go with the Belong Leader's Guide.) Both programs contain 20 lessons designed for a leader to use with tween/teen girls, and each lesson compares the lies of modern culture with the truth found in Scripture. BLAZE Core can be used in schools, parishes, small groups, or in a one-on-one setting. As BLAZE Core introduces girls to the Bible in relevant and fresh ways, they will hear Jesus Christ telling them how loved and beautiful they are!

    BLAZE programming is flexible! Please email ministry support to discuss how to customize BLAZE to best suit your school/parish needs.

    6 products
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